A Hollywood Movie Of A Book

4 out of 5 stars

As mentioned in my title, this was a Hollywood movie type of book.  I mean that in both the good and the bad.  In the good, this was a fast-paced no-holds-barred type of a book that really went high-octane with the action.  The bad was that there was a lot of typical “cutesy” stereotypes along with some of the typical action-movie “I fall in love with everyone I see”.

Wave of Terror follows an astronomer, Megan, who is searching for Planet 9 (not Pluto). She is given access to an incredibly accurate telescope in the Canary Island.  When searching she realizes that things aren’t exactly as they seem.  She happens to trip into a terrorist plot that no one in the United States seems to believe.

This was definitely a book that I would enjoy as a movie.  I think that they could do a lot with this plot and it almost feels like Jefferson wrote it in a way that it could be easily turned into one.  The dialogue is well thought out and funny (especially later in the book).  The interaction between Megan and Chip was definitely memorable and full of movie quotes.  Those parts definitely made me chuckle while reading.

The story itself felt… plausible.  It didn’t seem super far-fetched but it wasn’t totally like “oh god this definitely could happen”.  Though that being said – it was a unique and different approach to the terrorists trying to take down America. It was something that I didn’t think of before and it wasn’t as far-fetched as the movie “Geo-Storm” for example (which, I did enjoy more than most people).

The narration for Wave of Terror was done by Amy Landon – I’ve never listened to her narration before but she made this book a breeze to listen to.  I thought she added some nice drama where needed without taking away from the storytelling aspect.

Overall, Wave of Terror was a fun “lose yourself” kind of book.  It definitely was an easy read that was full of international intrigue and fun action.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Wave of Terror by Jon Jefferson (Narrated by Amy Landon)four-stars
Wave of Terror by Jon Jefferson
Narrator: Amy Landon
Length: 10 hrs
Published by Brilliance Audio on February 27th 2018
Genres: Terrorism, Thriller
Pages: 300
Format: Audiobook
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An unthinkable terrorist plot: The earth is shaking. The clock is ticking.

Astronomer Megan O’Malley sees things on a cosmic scale - hidden planets, colliding galaxies, imploding stars deep in the universe. But this time, she’s sensing something much closer to home. And she can feel it underfoot, too: explosive seismic shifts along a geologic fault line that could unleash an apocalyptic disaster. O’Malley also discovers something even more terrifying: the cataclysm is intentional. Someone is determined to trigger a mega-tsunami.

FBI Special Agent Chip Dawtry is a big-picture guy, too. He lost his brother on 9/11, and ever since, he’s focused on preventing the next massive terrorist attack. Now, it isn’t hypothetical - it’s unfolding fast. But only he and O’Malley see the peril.

When O’Malley vanishes, Dawtry races to find her. It’s up to them to stop a 150-foot wall of water ready to roil - and wipe out America’s Eastern Seaboard. Each new terrifying rumble means it may be too late.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

About the Author:

Jon Jefferson is a prolific author, veteran journalist, and seasoned documentary writer/producer. His two-part National Geographic documentary—Biography of a Corpse and Anatomy of a Corpse—took millions of viewers behind the razor-wire fence of the University of Tennessee’s renowned Anthropological Research Facility, better known as the Body Farm.

Under the pen name Jefferson Bass—collaborating with forensic legend Bill Bass—he has written ten crime novels in the New York Times bestselling Body Farm series. He has also written two true-crime books about Bass’s career and cases.

A runner, cyclist, and pilot, Jefferson lives and writes in Athens, Georgia.


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    1. Yeah, I read your review this morning. I kinda wanted it to be more of an apocalyptic instead of a prevent apocalypse-type books. But I still enjoyed it.

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