I’m On The Fence About This One

3 out of 5 stars

Going into this story – I knew and understood it was a YA book. I say that because it changes the characters and the reasoning that certain characters do things in my head. I had to take that mindset a few times when I would think, “really?”. I’d have to remind myself “they’re just kids, they don’t know better”. I did something I don’t normally do when I finish a book and that was to read other reviews. I do it when I can’t wrap my head around a book enough to know if I liked it or I didn’t. That said, I know I didn’t love or hate it. I’m stuck in that middle ground.

The Wild Lands tells a story of a world that I was fascinated by. I visited Alaska (just the coastal cities, not inland at all) and I thought that Greci was smart to pick that as the setting for this book. There aren’t a lot of stories set in this vast wilderness just for the reasoning that Greci gave that the US cut it off. It’s too desolate and too far away to sustain. I thought that setting the story here really gave the book something different in a crowded genre.

The story itself really prides itself on character building.  Greci was able to explain and build up each person so that the reader knows exactly what to expect from them.  This comes at a fault sometimes. The characters after they’re described don’t seem to break out of their molds too often, so the reader sort of knows what’s going to happen.  Also, once it’s set that someone is going to be whiny, they are whiny throughout the entire story (it never stops).

I’m glad I picked this one up because I like books that make me think of different areas along with books that challenge certain tropes in a genre. I don’t think The Wild Lands had enough to really rocket it to the top of any list, but it will have some staying power in my head. Even if some of those moments I wish I could forget.

Book Description:

In Paul Greci’s The Wild Lands, Travis and his sister are trapped in a daily race to survive – and there is no second place.

Natural disasters and a breakdown of civilization have cut off Alaska from the world and destroyed its landscape. Now, as food runs out and the few who remain turn on each other, Travis and his younger sister, Jess, must cross hundreds of miles in search of civilization.

The wild lands around them are filled with ravenous animals, desperate survivors pushed to the edge, and people who’ve learned to shoot first and ask questions never.

Travis and Jess will make a few friends and a lot of enemies on their terrifying journey across the ruins of today’s world – and they’ll have to fight for what they believe in as they see how far people will go to survive.

The Wild Lands is a pulse-pounding YA thriller full of shocking plot twists. It’s the ultimate survival tale of humanity’s fight against society’s collapse.

The Wild Lands by Paul Greci
Narrator: Tristan Morris
Length: 9 hrs and 40 mins
Published by Macmillan Audio on January 29th 2019
Genres: Thriller, YA

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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