Worthy of Love Audiobook Cover

Worthy of Love Audiobook Cover

A Surprising and Heartwarming Tale

4 out of 5 stars

Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins was a surprising and unexpected journey of redemption, forgiveness, and self-discovery. It revolves around Nadine Bayani, a once-powerful lawyer whose fall from grace lands her in a small town, working a menial job alongside Bella Clarke, a young woman with dreams of returning to school. Despite their differences, the two women form an unlikely connection that challenges preconceptions and explores the complexities of personal growth.

From the very beginning, the story captivates with its unique premise. Both Nadine and Bella were on journeys that neither of them quite realized. And they helped each other come to terms with it (Bella helped Nadine live an almost “normal” life, and Nadine helped Bella realize that she wasn’t a bad student, but just has ADHD). I loved watching the two of them grow on their own before growing into each other/with each other.

One of the strengths of the book is Quinn Ivins’ ability to weave a charming and heartwarming tale without glossing over the challenges faced by the characters. Nadine’s struggle with public perception and Bella’s internal doubts about her intelligence add layers of depth.
The dynamics between Nadine and Bella bring a refreshing and unexpected element to the narrative. Their evolving relationship is handled with care, and the chemistry between them feels genuine. The exploration of Filipino culture through Nadine’s introduction of Bella to its culinary delights adds a delightful dimension to the story, showcasing the author’s attention to cultural detail.

Comparisons to “Schitt’s Creek” are apt, as both stories share the theme of individuals forced to recalibrate their lives in small-town settings. The humor, charm, and unexpected connections that made “Schitt’s Creek” a hit can be found in Worthy of Love as well, making it an enjoyable read for fans of the television series.
Anastasia Watley’s narration enhances the overall experience, bringing the characters to life with skillful delivery. Her performance adds another layer of enjoyment to an already well-crafted story.

Worthy of Love was a delightful surprise that combined elements of humor, romance, and personal growth. With its engaging plot, well-developed characters, and cultural richness, this novel is a worthy addition to the contemporary romance genre.

Book Description:

Worthy of Love Audiobook Cover

Nadine Bayani was at the top of her game. The brilliant, ruthless lawyer was in line to be White House chief of staff – until she confessed to campaign finance crimes that cost her party the election.

Now Nadine’s out of prison, broke, hated by millions, and stuck doing a menial retail job in rural Virginia where she barely earns enough to survive.

Bella Clarke has worked at Overstock Oasis since she flunked college. She wants to go back to school but secretly doubts she’s smart enough. At least she’s not as clueless as her boss, who just accidentally hired the woman responsible for a national scandal.

However, Nadine seems to be nothing like the crook portrayed in the media, and Bella is drawn to her troubled, standoffish coworker. As they grow closer, Nadine introduces Bella to the delights of Filipino food and opens Bella’s eyes to her own possibilities.

Before long, about the only thing harder to make sense of than Nadine’s past is their powerful chemistry together. Is Bella really falling for a woman who caused so much harm? And even if she is, how can two such different people ever be a match?

Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins
Narrator: Anastasia Watley
Length: 9 hrs and 1 min
Published by Tantor Audio on March 8th 2022
Format: Audiobook
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