Felt Like Two Different Stories

2.75 out of 5 stars

The start of this one was interesting.  I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I’ve been trying to read books without fully fleshing out the synopsis. This one, since I was already interested in the other books in this series – I go into without even reading about it. Judging from the title I thought it was going to be something about self driving cars or something like that.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s hard to describe a book that’s shorter like this one in the “typical” fashion but the beginning of this (when we first find out about the technology) is fascinating.  Even for being a short story – Towles is still slow playing the build up a bit and I respected that. Not reading the synopsis just lead to further suspense as I tried to figure out this new technologies fatal flaw.

The first 50% or so of this book I felt like I knew where it was going.  The second 50% felt like it was almost another book. It obviously fits into the story but the beginning and end were so different I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. I don’t expect to leave a story “satisfied” and I feel dirty even typing that, but this book left me with as many questions as it did answers.

Towels writing style made the story fly by along with the narration by David Harbour – but the ending (or lack thereof) kind of flopped this one a bit for me. You Have Arrived At Your Destination was one of the rare cases (in my eyes) where I think a longer story would have done it justice.  I feel like the length of this one held it back a bit.  It was almost like Towles was trying to be clever and end it on a complete surprise.

Book Description:

Audible narration by David Harbour (Stranger Things)

Nature or nurture? Neither. Discover a bold new way to raise a child in this unsettling story of the near future by the New York Times bestselling author of A Gentleman in Moscow.

When Sam’s wife first tells him about Vitek, a twenty-first-century fertility lab, he sees it as the natural next step in trying to help their future child get a “leg up” in a competitive world. But the more Sam considers the lives that his child could lead, the more he begins to question his own relationships and the choices he has made in his life.

Amor Towles’s You Have Arrived at Your Destination is part of Forward, a collection of six stories of the near and far future from out-of-this-world authors. Each piece can be read or listened to in a single thought-provoking sitting.

You Have Arrived At Your Destination by Amor Towles
Narrator: David Harbour
Series: Forward
Published by Audible Studios on September 17th 2019
Genres: Technothriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also in this series: Randomize, Ark, Emergency Skin, Summer Frost

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