Intense In All The Right Ways

4.5 out of 5 stars

I wanted/needed a shorter “quirky” story to get me out of a funk I’ve been in lately. You’re Fired was unexpected in so many ways. The story went from a cute/funny “oh my god, that didn’t happen” to a sort of power-dynamic conversation to a “we’re going to solve this and get to the bottom of it” (without trying to spoil too much in my review).

Crabtree wrote a story full of innuendo but backed it up with lots of sexy and intimate scenes. Rose and Vivian had their quirks, and each seemed to play well into the others. Sometimes I felt like I was reading an episode of The Office, and at others, it felt like an hour-long ABC drama. It would jump back and forth, with lots of cute, sweet, and sexy time in between.

I will say that the “will they,” even though it’s obvious they will, was still a tantalizing part of this. I kept finding myself drawn to their almost relationship before it started. They just felt like they were orbiting too close to the sun, and things would blow up before they ever got good. But I was wrong, and the payoff was excellent. Even the scenes when they were basically told to go and wait after Rose did something were nerve-wracking. Crabtree could turn the tense moments on, and everything else in the book would fade away for a while until they were solved. Not many books I’ve read have been able to successfully do that, but You’re Fired was a masterclass in it.

Overall, I thought this was a cute and funny story with lots of quirks and even more intimate time. The performance by Watley was as good as ever – allowing each character to shine.

Book Description:

When poor college student Rose Walsh gives out an inappropriate gag gift at her office Christmas party, it backfires horribly. The gift’s recipient is her boss, the esteemed president of Gio Corp., Vivian Tracey, and the only thing that can save Rose now is her smarts.

Instead of firing her, Vivian blackmails math major Rose into joining her on a business trip to New York to investigate an embezzlement. A week out of state with a woman she can barely stand seems like the last thing Rose wants to do with her winter vacation. Only, maybe Vivian is not as bad as she seems. Maybe they can even become friends . . . or more.

You're Fired by Shaya Crabtree
Narrator: Anastasia Watley
Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on January 31st 2023
Genres: Hot for Boss, Workplace / Office Romance, LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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