50 States Audiobook Cover

50 States Audiobook Cover

What A Collection

4.25 out of 5 stars

Going into this I wasn’t sure how a collection of short stories was going to feel like a cohesive book. I can honestly say after finishing it – I have no idea how Becker pulled it off. In the beginning, I was like “oh it’s going to just be like this” but I was quickly shocked into understanding the “madness” (It’s the good kind of mad) that Becker used to make this story fly.

I like books on the human condition and ones that show off regions I’m not from or that familiar with. I’ve been diving into more books that are in the bayou area lately because it’s just a place that I’ve never been to and something I want to know more about. This book was a collection of a bunch of stories just like that. Each one was interesting and some of them made me go “wtf!?”.

I LOVE bite-sized stories. Novellas are some of my favorite kinds of stories because to be able to put an entire story into such a short form is a real talent. I couldn’t believe the amount of feeling that Becker was able to get out of me as I was reading through this collection of stories. They were so interesting or intriguing that I would end up reading whole swaths of the book at a time instead of digesting each story bit by bit.

Add in the narration by Brian Callanan, who voices a post-apocalyptic book I really enjoyed (Rebel Blaze) and you’ve got a collection of stories that jump right off of the page. This book had to have been a challenge because there were so many different characters – each one of them unique and had to be voiced a little differently. I was impressed at how it didn’t feel repetitive or boring with Callanan performing it.


Book Description:

50 States Audiobook Cover

50 States is a debut collection of short stories that captures the human condition and reveals how perception shapes destiny. The audiobook spans several literary genres with each short story set in a different state across America.

An Idaho farmer who aches for absolution after a tragedy is given one more chance at redemption. Two runaways cross paths in a Tennessee bus station with only one ticket between them. A family sees looters racing toward their home as they escape an Oregon wildfire. A young couple takes a reckless turn off a state highway in Utah and find themselves in a nightmarish government biohazard area.

These and 46 more shorts make up an anthology that will surprise listeners with each new thought-provoking story as they skip effortlessly across different genres, moods, and states of mind. Together, they provide a character-driven sampling of the American experience over the last 60 years – the kind and the cruel, the heroic and criminal – in unpredictable and exciting ways.

50 States by Richard R. Becker
Narrator: Brian Callanan
Length: 9 hrs and 43 mins
Published by Copywrite Ink. on January 28th 2022
Genres: Anthologies & Short Stories
Format: Audiobook
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