A Time of Perfect Change Audiobook Cover

A Time of Perfect Change Audiobook Cover

I Really Enjoyed Taylor and Kaitlyn

4 out of 5 stars

I sat on this one for too long. I remember adding it to my library and thinking “I’ll get to that soon” – but then life happens, new books come out, and it sits there crying on my TBR shelf like so many other good books. I decided one day I was going to go back and check out titles I needed to review but hadn’t or had forgotten about (thanks, new phone since I had to re-add all the non-audible books back in). I saw this and thought “I have both books in this series – let’s check out the first one”.

Well, I’m glad I did because this one was funny, cute, and enjoyable throughout. The scenes in the beginning (which the synopsis/description) alludes to were hilarious. The chemistry between these two was off the charts – but of course, there were issues and things getting in the way, including the big one… life. But, this was a cute happy story, so most of those things were either figured out alone or together. I like when it doesn’t have to be the “sea is parting for these two to be together” because it feels more realistic.

And I think that’s the thing I liked the most about this story, it felt realistic. Each woman had their own quirks and flaws and each one of them brought something different to the relationship. They were better together than they were apart – as most good couples should be. I can’t wait to read more about their story in the next book – and I’ll hopefully stop neglecting that one on my TBR shelf soon!

Of course, I picked this book up because the wonderful Lori Prince narrated it – and she killed it as she usually does. If I’m on the fence about a title and I see she’s narrated it, it goes from maybe to yes very quickly. A Time of Perfect Change was one of those titles and it worked out because I really enjoyed Marks’ writing style and characters.

Book Description:

A Time of Perfect Change Audiobook Cover

How could any teacher look forward to a mandatory meeting during their summer break?

Kaitlyn Collins has enough stress in her life without being forced to go to an educators’ conference during her summer break, but she doesn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. She’s been struggling to figure out where her life is going, so she thinks maybe a weekend away may not be such a bad thing. A chance encounter and a warped sense of humor will shake her life up in ways she never saw coming.

Taylor Ables thinks attending an educators’ conference is a giant waste of time and money. She’s happy with her life even though she’s sworn off love after having her heart broken a few years ago. Will this year’s meeting force her to step outside of her comfort zone and learn that sometimes it’s worth taking a chance for the possibility of love?

Just how far will a person go to change their life?

A Time of Perfect Change by Leslye Marks
Narrator: Lori Prince
Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins
Series: Taylor and Kaitlyn #1
Format: Audiobook
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