The Cabin Audiobook Cover

The Cabin Audiobook Cover

Fantastic Read, Even Better Narration

5 out of 5 stars

I have to admit that I sat WAY too long on this one for my own good. I really enjoyed Landon Beach’s other two stories (The Wreck and The Sail) and knowing his fourth book was coming out in mere days (The Hike, coming to audio very soon) made me realize that. I picked up The Cabin and the first thing that I noticed was that it was a bit different than the rest of his stories. It was still set on the Great Lakes but it had a very different feel to it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but once I realized that he’d done his research and that this was both very realistic and felt like it could have happened really sold me.

The Cabin, as The Real Book Spy pointed out is relentless. I think that’s probably the best word to describe it. But I would also throw in that probably my favorite part about a Landon Beach novel is the characters. He’s able to build up these real and authentic feeling characters in each book and every time I think “it’s just someone in a book” he throws another curveball at me. Each person in The Cabin was meant to be there. Early on I really didn’t like a few of them, but as the story progressed – you guessed it – something happened that made me realize who they were and why they were acting that way.

I actually live in a similar area to where Beach wrote this story (not too far from Lake Ontario) so it was nice to have some stuff that I recognized while lots of other stuff wasn’t as familiar. The Cabin was probably the first story that talked about the lake but the lake wasn’t the main character in it (if that makes sense). The other two books had a lot of diving or stories around them. I think Lake Ontario was used as a backdrop and they might have gone out on a boat once (along with it being used as an access point).

I will say that without spoiling it, I did not see the ending coming. Beach threw me for a complete loop. Even if I was able to guess how the story would end, I didn’t know how. And the final things thrown in made me stop for a moment and go “whoa”.

This isn’t my first book by Scott Brick either, but it seems that every new book of his I read gets better and better. The Cabin was no different. I really enjoyed his narration and he really allowed this story to shine.

Overall, while a different tone than the first two books, The Cabin was still an excellent read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Book Description:

The Cabin Audiobook Cover

“Fast, relentless, and impossible to put down. Landon Beach’s The Cabin is a must-read for fans of Ted Bell, Clive Cussler, and Bryan Gruley.” (The Real Book Spy)

A potential worldwide catastrophe looms large, while CIA Officer Jennifer Lear waits in a Berlin café to meet with her agent who has critical information regarding the chilling emerging threat. But the agent is late, and the meeting turns into a frantic struggle to survive, generating many questions about how it all could have gone so wrong – the first being: Who exactly is Jennifer Lear?

Six months later, Iggi and Maria Hilliard arrive at their secluded log cabin on the southern shore of Lake Ontario to celebrate the 4th of July with two friends. One is a co-worker of Maria’s, Haley Girard, who is struggling with the idea of turning thirty and just looking for a place to relax away from Rochester. The other guest is recently divorced Detroit Detective Cal Ripley, a man who has been on the front lines since 9/11 and needs time away from his job and Detroit.

The plan is to relax, reflect on life, and reconnect. Maria is also hoping that Haley and Cal find some chemistry. However, as the weekend unfolds, it becomes clear that not everyone in the cabin is who they say they are.

From the cafés of Berlin to the Roman Colosseum. From the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of the Windy City. From the neighborhoods of Detroit to the shores of Lake Ontario, and from the glamor of New York City to the secrets of Langley, Virginia comes The Cabin, the third standalone novel in the riveting Great Lakes action adventure series.

If you like high-stakes espionage, searing topics pulled from the headlines, and endings you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Landon Beach’s tense political thriller.

The Cabin by Landon Beach
Narrator: Scott Brick
Length: 8 hrs and 37 mins
on May 12th 2020
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: The Wreck , The Sail, Narrator


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