Catch Kris Bryant

Catch was Excellent

5 out of 5 stars

Catch has been sitting in my “I should read this” pile for longer than I’d like to admit (this is in fact different than my TBR pile). I love a good sports romance, especially one where the character(s) are breaking barriers. Catch was no different — the story starts off with Sutton playing high school football as the quarterback and ends with her coaching in the NFL. It’s a wonderful and incredible story with lots of ups and downs.

Kris Bryant shows off her understanding of what a character like Sutton would be like because I believed that she was real. I wanted this story to be a real one.

Normally in books like these, within a few chapters, I understand how someone will end up together. Or I believe that things will work out, but with Catch I was doubting it until near the very end. I thought that Bryant did a wonderful job making it really seem like there might not be a HEA. The scene near the end (I won’t even give any more info there so I don’t spoil it) – I was able to figure it out and it was so rewarding because it tied up all of the loose ends I had in my head.

Catch is one of those books I knew I would love within a few minutes. But by the end of it, I was smitten. I was so happy that Bryant teased things, kept me waiting, and really made everything come to a head in the last few chapters. It was a bit like playing all year to FINALLY make it to the playoffs only to realize you now have to play in them. It had the same elated feeling, but still had a bit more to “clean up”.

Melissa Sternenberg really shined in this one – becoming Sutton and really helping to turn a good book into a great one. Every time I listen to a book like this I’m reminded why I love audiobooks so much.

Overall, this one really shined. I loved every minute of it and I’m really glad I took the time to pick this one up and finish it.

Book Description:

Catch Kris Bryant

Once the first female quarterback of her high school team, Sutton McCoy has since landed her dream job as the offensive coordinator for the new NFL team the Connecticut Cheetahs. When the team recruits established quarterback Grayson Moats to lead them, Sutton’s heart is crushed. Grayson isn’t the problem. Sutton’s 15-year crush on his wife, Parker O’Neal, is.

Parker is living a life full of regrets dating all the way back to high school when her parents made her end her relationship with Sutton because there were too many rumors about her, not all of them good. When Grayson accepts the new quarterback position with the Cheetahs, he consults Parker first, knowing the three of them have history. But it’s not like she can tell him the truth, that Sutton still occupies so much of Parker’s head and heart.

Interfering in the personal life of the star quarterback and convincing Parker to walk away from her family were never in Sutton’s game plan. But standing on the sidelines when a second chance at true love comes their way proves all but impossible.

Catch by Kris Bryant
Narrator: Melissa Sternenberg
Length: 7 hrs and 59 mins
Published by Bold Strokes Books on January 23rd 2023
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, Sports Romance
Format: Audiobook
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