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4.75 out of 5 stars

For the Long Run is a delightful enemies-to-lovers romance that delivers both humor and heart. The story starts with a slow burn that allows the tension between the characters, Shan and Lizzie, to simmer and develop naturally. Shan is nearly unbearable in the beginning of this story, especially after disaster strikes her and she’s taken not only out of the race that day but out of contention for her dream for the foreseeable future. I wasn’t sure if she was going to have enough redeeming qualities for me to fall in love with her (or understand Lizzie doing so) but… I was wrong. It was the perfect start to this slow-burn ETL story.

One of the highlights of the audiobook is Blue’s skillful timing. She knows exactly when to ramp up the heat in the romantic scenes, creating moments that are both steamy and satisfying. Gould’s narration perfectly captures the emotions, making these scenes even more enjoyable. The tension that Blue built between these two was palpable and the payoffs were well worth the wait.

Shan and Lizzie are both well-crafted characters. Shan, in particular, undergoes a remarkable transformation from being almost unbearable (as I mentioned above) to someone you can’t help but root for. Her growth throughout the story is not only fun to witness but also adds depth to the narrative. And that ending (or near ending) was just *chef’s kiss* good. So much so that it brought tears to my eyes. It’s a testament to Blue’s storytelling and Gould’s narration that the conclusion feels so satisfying.

Overall, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of romance, offering a mix of humor, heart, and wonderfully satisfying romance (that takes some time to get there). It’s a story about growing, moving past some of your history, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Book Description:

An enemies-to-lovers lesbian sports romance about making it to the finish line.

A koala ruined her life. Well, that’s how elite athlete Shan Metz sees it.

When an idiot charity runner in a koala suit trips Shan during a community fun run, her knee blows out, destroying her dream of making the Australian Commonwealth Games team. Recovering from knee surgery will be bad enough, but living on her building’s fourth floor will make it a nightmare.

Consultant Lizzie Carras, aka the dream-wrecking koala, does guilt like a pro. The only decent thing to do is offer Shan her spare bedroom during recovery. Their incompatible lifestyles don’t help matters. Neither does Shan’s training partner, the haughty and possessive Celia. But they’ll muddle through until Shan’s knee has healed enough to get out of Lizzie’s life.

Because it’s not like Shan would ever miss a dream-wrecking koala or anything. Right?

For the Long Run by Cheyenne Blue
Narrator: Cat Gould
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on January 17th 2023
Genres: Enemies to Lovers, Sports Romance, LesFic/Sapphic Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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