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4 out of 5 stars

Foundry by Eliot Peper is another intriguing addition to his ever-expanding repertoire of tech-driven novels. For those familiar with Peper’s work, diving into one of his books is always an exciting experience, and Foundry is no exception. It offers a unique blend of technology and interconnected worlds from his previous stories, making it a compelling read.

Peper’s prose in Foundry often takes on a poetic quality. There’s a sense of “waxing poetic” that lends depth and richness to the narrative. He uses literary devices skillfully to explain the complex technological aspects, allowing the reader to appreciate the beauty of the writing as well as the story itself.

Foundry offers a fascinating plot but might not grip you in the same way as some of Peper’s previous works. While still an enjoyable read that you’ll breeze through, it lacks the technological punch that some of his other books, like “Reap3r” and the Analog series, deliver. While semiconductors play a role in the narrative, this story leans more towards being a pure thriller with technology elements sprinkled in.

Comparatively, Foundry might be seen as more of a “spy vs. spy” story rather than a full-fledged technothriller. It’s important to approach it with an open mind, as your expectations can influence your perception. If you consider it as a spy novel with some tech twists, your overall opinion might be different. Remember that I’m going into this with around 10 other Peper Technothrillers under my belt.

The audiobook is narrated by Eliot Peper himself, and while his performance is generally good, there are moments when you might find yourself wishing for an external narrator. The reasons for this preference are difficult to articulate, as it’s a somewhat subjective feeling. Nevertheless, the narration doesn’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the story. I looked up my review of Reap3r because I knew that was his first narration and I agree with my own sentiments. I can tell he got coaching and took it seriously. I think that with each new book, he’ll continue to get better.

Overall, Foundry is an enjoyable read that showcases Eliot Peper’s talent for storytelling and his unique blend of technology and interconnected worlds. While it may not be your favorite Peper book, it’s still a worthwhile addition to his body of work. The book might deviate from the typical tech-driven narrative, but it remains a satisfying journey from beginning to end.

Book Description:

Kindle edition currently available with Kindle Unlimited

This is a story about two spies locked in a room with a gun.

This is a story about how semiconductors are refactoring 21st century geopolitics.

This is a story about the greatest of games, the game that subsumes all other games, the only game that really matters: power.

This is a story about finding yourself before they find you.

This story is a trap.

Foundry by Eliot Peper
Narrator: Eliot Peper
Length: 4 hrs and 54 mins
Published by Self Published on October 4th 2023
Genres: Technothriller, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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