Written years ago but still great today

5 out of 5 stars

I’ve read a few of Bill Stokes short stories and I’ve enjoyed them all. I didn’t grow up in Wisconsin or even near it. You don’t have to be from Wisconsin to enjoy the caliber of writing that Stokes provides in Hi-Ho Silver, Anyway.

This book reminds me of the golden age of the newspaper columnist. This art is seemingly going away and sadly I’m a part of the reason why. I don’t have a newspaper subscription, and I get all of my news from multiple sources online.

Hi-Ho Silver, Anyway had me smiling from beginning to end, sometimes interrupted by a laugh or a chuckle and not always in an ideal place (side note: when you’re driving to work and see a person laughing in their car… what do you think about them?)

Stokes’ work has this ability to transcend generations. I know that these were written quite some time ago, but most of the content could have been written a week or two ago. Even some of the assumptions and theories that Stokes came up with are true or seemingly coming true.

The only thing better than Stokes stories (seriously they’re like warm apple pie after a nice family dinner) was the narration provided by all of the amazing narrators. I won’t call any of them out specifically because I enjoyed them all. They were able to add a nice break between the stories and bring Stokes’ work to life.

Overall, this was one of those books that I’m glad that I got the chance to read and I’m even happier that I was able to listen to some amazing narrators tell Stokes’ stories.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Hi-Ho Silver, Anyway by Bill Stokesfive-stars
Hi-Ho Silver, Anyway by Bill Stokes
Narrator: R.C. Bray, MacLeod Andrews, James Foster, Joe Hempel, Stefan Rudnicki, David Stifel
Length: 10 hrs
Published by Skyboat Media on March 14, 2017
Genres: Memoir, Short Story
Pages: 421
Format: Audiobook
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For 10 years Bill Stokes was a roving reporter and columnist for the Milwaukee Journal. He has written reams of material about his vivid impressions of people, animals, events, personal activities, and "things in general".

Through his travels, Bill has met with the unusual and unique to the humorous, trivial, and tragic. This select group from his collection of stories and columns indicates the broad scope of his journalistic efforts, brilliant talents, and professional ability. Listeners will enjoy this potpourri of delightful columns as they move with Bill through the seasonal changes of life in Wisconsin. People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it. Bill Stokes obviously enjoys his role as Wisconsin's favorite journalist. In this delightful book he shares that fun with all.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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About the Author:

Born in Barron, Wisconsin, on September 11, 1931, Bill Stokes grew up on a small dairy farm between Barron and Rice Lake. He began his official writing career as an outdoor writer and general reporter for the Stevens Point Daily Journal, where he served as columnist, reporter and outdoor writer. In 1961 he moved to the Wisconsin State Journal, in Madison, where he wrote outdoor and personal columns, some of which were collected in a book “Ship The Kids On Ahead.” (added by Bill Stokes). In 1969, the Milwaukee Journal became his venue and as a feature writer and columnist, and he found new ground to cover in 1982 at the Chicago Tribune. After 11 years there, Bill retired to pursue free-lance projects.


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