Make An Audiobook Please (Ep. 1): Three Post-Apocalyptic Thrillers

 Make An Audiobook Please (Ep. 1)

Three Post-Apocalyptic Thrillers

Welcome to a new section of Brian’s Book Blog.  As you already know (or should know) I LOVE Audiobooks.  I’m able to read them when I cannot normally read.  Mostly on my drives into and from work where I can’t really do anything else.  There are always books out there that I want on audio as soon as they come out, but I can’t always have what I want.

For my inaugural post, I’m posting three books:  all three I assume will come out on audio in the near future since all three authors have more than one book out on audio today.

Hot Zone by Steven Konkoly

Hot Zone borrows the name of one of my favorite all-time books and easily one of the scariest books about viruses I’ve ever read.   And I have more than my fair share of Steven Konkoly books on my TBR pile.  This one, being a bio-thriller (or a medical thriller as some call them) will definitely help jump this one up to the top of my pile.  Once this comes out on audio, I’ll probably drop almost everything I’m reading to check it out.

Who I think should narrate it: RC Bray (I would love to hear him do a bio-thriller), Joe Hempel, or Joseph Morton



Dr. Lauren Hale, a new hospital resident, is nearly killed by a raving mad emergency room patient, in a senseless, unprovoked attack.

Officer David Olson, veteran cop and former Marine, returns from a father-son camping trip to discover that his ex-wife has vanished under bizarre circumstances, and his police department is on the verge of collapse.

Jack and Emma Harper, a young, upwardly mobile couple, find their hip city neighborhood rapidly descending into madness.

Dr. Eugene Chang, a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company makes a shocking discovery that might explain the spreading wave of illness and violence gripping the city.

Eric Larsen, leader of a top-secret, rapid-response unit, circles high above the Midwest, in an unmarked military transport. Mission still unknown, his team waits to parachute into the night.

WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, complete strangers from different walks of life will be forced to join together to survive the LIVING NIGHTMARE that has been unleashed on their city–AND THEIR COUNTRY.

This is their story.


Day of Reckoning by G. Michael Hopf

Another author whose books keep piling up on my TBR pile, Hopf is known for writing great Post-Apocalyptic fiction.  Day of Reckoning looks no different and honestly looks like a book that’s right up my alley.

Who I think should narrate it: Joseph Morton or John David Farrell

From G. Michael Hopf, the acclaimed apocalyptic and best-selling author of THE NEW WORLD series comes an exciting and dark apocalyptic novel, DAY OF RECKONING.

The day started like any other, but it ended with the human race fighting for its very existence.
It was
A day of sorrow…
A day of sacrifice…
A day of death…

A day of reckoning.

Rising (Traveler #4) by Tom Abrahams

This series has treated me well and honestly, is one of my favorite post-apocalyptic series to date.  The way that Abrahams is able to write such honest and believable characters is really a testament to how great of a writer he is.  I hope that Rising coming out on audio is a no brainer because I loved the first three books.

Who I think should narrate it: Kevin Pierce — any other narrator will upset me! 🙂


He survived The Scourge, defeated The Cartel, and escaped The Dwellers. Now he wants revenge.

After a brutal attack on his homestead, Marcus Battle seeks to find the men who took away his second chance at life in a post-apocalyptic world. When he does, they’ll wish they’d left him alone.


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  1. Great feature!! I’ve read and loved Hot Zone and can’t wait for the audio!! The other 2 are high on my list too 🙂 I agree with the narrators, though Luke Daniels might work for Hot Zone as well.


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