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The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton

The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton
Narrated by Lucy Rayner
Tantor Audio

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Snow, secrets, an icy lady of the manor, a vile villain, open fires, and hidden love.

A frosty December, Bethan Griffiths has returned home for Christmas to unwrap secrets. It’s the 1970s and she is back in the village of Foel in the Welsh hills to raise her daughter. They arrive to the open arms of her family and the community, but not all is what it seems, and Beth isn’t home for the reason she pretends, either.

Vicious notes start appearing that reveal harsh truths about the village inhabitants, stirring up ancient pasts, old loves, and the dead. Not even local dignitary, the elegant and aloof Lady Melling who hides in her manor house, is safe from the accusations.

But when Beth receives her notes, they aren’t what she expected. Is she being toyed with like the other villagers, or is she being guided to a long-sought truth?

The Tell Tale has been watching and waiting, because there’s something queer about the village of Foel.

The Broken Room by Peter Clines

The Broken Room by Peter Clines
Narrated by Timothy Andrés Pabon
Audible, Inc.

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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The new supernatural thriller from New York Times best-selling author Peter Clines

You can still owe the dead.

Hector was the best of the best. A government operative who could bring armies to a halt and nations to their knees. But when his own country betrayed him, he dropped off the grid and picked up the first of many bottles.

Natalie can’t remember much of her life before her family brought her to the US, but she remembers the cages. And getting taken away to the Project with dozens of other young children to become part of their nightmarish experiments. That’s how she ended up with the ghost of a dead secret agent stuck in her head.

And Hector owes Natalie’s ghost a big favor.

Now Hector and Natalie are on the run from an army of killers sent to retrieve her. Because the people behind the Project are willing to risk almost anything to get Natalie back and complete their experiments.

Escape From Yokai Land by Charles Stross

Escape From Yokai Land by Charles Stross
Narrated by Gideon Emery
Recorded Books

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Regular listeners of Charles Stross’s Laundry Files might have noticed Bob Howard’s absence from the events of The Nightmare Stacks, and his subsequent return from Tokyo at the start of The Delirium Brief.

Escape from Yokai Land explains what he was doing there.

Bob’s been assigned to work with the Miyamoto Group, checking the wards that lock down Japan’s warded sites – a task previously handled by his predecessor Dr. Angleton, the Eater of Souls. This mostly involves policing yokai: traditional magical beings, increasingly grown more annoying and energetic.

But then Bob’s simple trip turns into a deadly confrontation with the ultimate yokai. It’s massively powerful. It’s pink. And it says Hello.

Scattered All Over the Earth by Yoko Tawada, Margaret Mitsutani - translator

Scattered All Over the Earth by Yoko Tawada, Margaret Mitsutani – translator
Narrated by Cindy Kay
Tantor Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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A mind-expanding, cheerfully dystopian new novel by Yoko Tawada, winner of the National Book Award

Welcome to the not-too-distant future: Japan, having vanished from the face of the earth, is now remembered as “the land of sushi.” Hiruko, its former citizen and a climate refugee herself, has a job teaching immigrant children in Denmark with her invented language Panska (Pan-Scandinavian): “homemade language. no country to stay in. three countries I experienced. insufficient space in brain. so made new language. homemade language.”

As she searches for anyone who can still speak her mother tongue, Hiruko soon makes new friends. Her troupe travels to France, encountering an umami cooking competition; a dead whale; an ultra-nationalist named Breivik; unrequited love; Kakuzo robots; red herrings; uranium; an Andalusian matador. Episodic and mesmerizing scenes flash vividly along, and soon they’re all next off to Stockholm.

With its intrepid band of companions, Scattered All Over the Earth (the first novel of a trilogy) may bring to mind Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or a surreal Wind in the Willows, but really is just another sui generis Yoko Tawada masterwork.

Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin

Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin
Narrated by Tania Rodrigues
Penguin Audio

$12.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Never Let Me Go meets Black Mirror in this thrilling dystopian debut about a tech company that deletes unwanted memories, the consequences for those forced to contend with what they tried to forget, and the dissenting doctor who seeks to protect her patients from further harm.

What if you once had a painful memory removed? And what if you were offered the chance to get it back?

Tell Me an Ending follows four characters grappling with the question of what to remember – and what they hoped to forget forever.

Finn, an Irish architect living in the Arizona desert, begins to suspect his charming wife of having an affair. Mei, a troubled grad school dropout in Kuala Lumpur, wonders why she remembers a city she’s never visited. William, a former police inspector in England, struggles with PTSD, the breakdown of his marriage, and his own secret family history. Oscar, a handsome young man with almost no memories at all, travels the world in a constant state of fear.

Into these characters lives comes Noor, an emotionally closed-off psychologist at the memory removal clinic in London, who begins to suspect her glamorous boss Louise of serious wrongdoing.

Clever and propulsive, Tell Me an Ending is a speculative novel exploring what the world would be like if we were able to wipe away our worst moments. In this polyphonic tale, author Jo Harkin raises provocative questions about the nature of memory, through characters who confront new knowledge about themselves and a need for answers, meaning, connection, and story.

The Ghost Mine by Ben Wolf

The Ghost Mine by Ben Wolf
Narrated by Joe Hempel
Aethon Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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Fatal glitches. A corporate cover-up. And something haunting the depths….

People are dying, and no one knows why. But the company is covering it up anyway.

Justin is excited to start his new job at an energy mine on a distant planet – until things begin to go wrong. Small things. Annoying glitches in the mining complex’s tech. Enough to aggravate him. Enough to notice a connection.

When the first miner dies from a tech-related accident, Justin can no longer turn a blind eye. But the mine’s brass don’t want him digging for answers – even though something from the mine’s past is lurking beneath the surface…. And it wants blood.

Aliens meets Ender’s Game meets Rambo in this sci-fi/horror novel, because it starts as a haunting mystery and ends with pure mayhem.

Get it today.

The Club by Ellery Lloyd

The Club by Ellery Lloyd
Narrated by Tamaryn Payne
HarperCollins Publishers

$7.47 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

From the author of People Like Her comes a smart and sinister murder mystery set in the secretive world of exclusive celebrity clubs.

Everyone’s dying to join….

The Home Group is a glamorous collection of celebrity members’ clubs dotted across the globe, where the rich and famous can party hard and then crash out in its five-star suites, far from the prying eyes of fans and the media.

The most spectacular of all is Island Home – a closely guarded, ultra-luxurious resort, just off the English coast – and its three-day launch party is easily the most coveted A-list invite of the decade.

But behind the scenes, tensions are at breaking point: The ambitious and expensive project has pushed the Home Group’s CEO and his long-suffering team to their absolute limits. All of them have something to hide – and that’s before the beautiful people with their own ugly secrets even set foot on the island.

As tempers fray and behavior worsens, as things get more sinister by the hour and the body count piles up, some of Island Home’s members will begin to wish they’d never made the guest list.

Because at this club, if your name’s on the list, you’re not getting out.

Family Money by Chad Zunker

Family Money by Chad Zunker
Narrated by Kris Koscheski
Brilliance Audio

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
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A dead man’s secrets put a family in peril in a twisting novel of suspense by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of the David Adams series.

Alex Mahan is married to his high school sweetheart, Taylor. They have two daughters and a beautiful home, and Alex’s startup business is about to explode thanks to massive private funding from his compassionate and supportive father-in-law, Joe. With millions more to come, all is perfect – until Joe is abducted and murdered during a family trip in Mexico.

Alex’s world is about to be turned upside down. He can’t bear to tell his grieving wife why. The man they’ve both idolized has been keeping secrets. The pledged millions are nowhere to be found. The source of the original investment is a mystery, even to Joe’s financial adviser. No one, it seems, has any idea who the man they knew, loved, and trusted really was.

As Alex digs deeper into Joe’s shadowy life, the most shocking surprises are yet to come. Deadly ones, too, because every lie that Alex uncovers in Joe’s dark past puts his family in more danger.

And the Truth Is... by Jamey Moody

And the Truth Is… by Jamey Moody
Narrated by Amanda Wrege
Self Published

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Check out my reviews of other titles written by Jamey Moody
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Amanda Wrege

When the love you’ve been searching for magically appears in the most unexpected person.

Lauren Nichols’ longtime marriage was over. She’d done what was expected, married her high school sweetheart, raised two great kids, and now what? There had to be more to life than work. She wanted to share the passion she knew lived deep in her heart.

When she meets the bigger-than-life award-winning actress Tara Holloway, something kindles deep inside her.

Can passion pull Tara all the way from Hollywood to a small Texas lake town? Is this the true love they have both been seeking? And can love overcome distance, fame, and family objections? Or is this love so hot they both get burned?

Let’s go back to Lovers Landing for another romance on the lake with Krista and friends. Can Lovers Landing cast its magical spell on Tara and Lauren? The truth is…

Like Me by Hayley Phelan

Like Me by Hayley Phelan
Narrated by Lauren Ezzo
Brilliance Audio

$1.99 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Check out my reviews of other titles Narrated by Lauren Ezzo

A seductive psychological thriller about obsession, illusion, and female identity in the digital age.

Though beautiful, cunning, and privileged, nineteen-year-old Mickey finds herself with a stalled modeling career, an escalating drinking problem, few friends, and next to nothing in the bank. To numb her growing despair, she spends her days frantically refreshing her Instagram feed, obsessively tracking the movements of Insta-famous model Gemma Anton.

Mickey sees Gemma as a perfected version of herself. Gemma is living a seemingly perfect life: a skyrocketing career, a famous boyfriend, and adoring followers. It’s the life Mickey wants more than anything. Mickey studies every detail Gemma offers through the window of her phone, trying to absorb, mimic, become the object of her growing fascination.

When a chance encounter thrusts Mickey into a world of opportunity, she is met with surprising – and immediate – success. But as her online persona begins to take over, the line between reality and illusion disappears. Then suddenly, so does Gemma.

Engrossing, sharp, and astute, Like Me is a shimmering portrait of infatuation, disconnection, and identity – and a dazzling introduction to a brilliant new voice in contemporary literature.

131 Days: Omnibus 1 by Keith C. Blackmore
Narrated by John Lee
Podium Audio

$7.49 Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase

Contains books one, two, and three of the 131 Days series.

131 Days, book one

Once every year, in the city of Sunja, gladiators meet within the arena known as Sunja’s Pit. Some men enter for the lure of fortune, some for the fame, and some simply for the fight. The games continue for days until a champion is finally crowned. Or until all involved perish.

Four companions struggle to change their lives in and out of the arena as it becomes clear that to be a Free Trained pit fighter is to live with a mark on one’s head. And not everyone is pleased to learn of their plans, as the four warriors soon discover that the path to establishing a formal presence in the games, after the season has started, is infinitely more difficult than expected. All the while, unseen forces watch, waiting for the best time to strike at the companions and take everything that they have.

House of Pain, book two

The warriors comprising the House of Ten begin training under punishing mentors and a drink-loving taskmaster. Within the city of Sunja itself, Borchus works to establish a network of spies to aid the newly formed house’s cause. A vengeful Halm hunts down Skulljigger for bloody retribution. And house master Goll realizes one of his pit fighters possesses potential beyond everyone’s expectations. All the while, shadowy elements conspire to make the Ten’s opening matches upon the sands also their last.

Spikes and Edges, book three

Feeling the weight of sustained injuries, Halm decides upon his future with the Ten, which prompts a crippled Pig Knot to contemplate his own remaining days. An act of vengeance drives Borchus into hiding. Within the underbelly of the Pit, arrangements are made to introduce Sunja’s most despised and dangerous criminals into the games, including a captured group of Nordish Jackals. All the while, the House of Ten prepares for its day of vengeful blood matches, where the gladiator known only as Junger will shine as a legend.

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