Meet Me in Madrid

Meet Me in Madrid

Take a Chance On Yourself AND the Girl

3.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve had a hard time writing my review of Meet Me In Madrid. I’ll start by saying that I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the way that Lowell was able to write a story about two professional women who were dealing with issues related to being women in their field and POC along with other personal and professional issues.

The story itself was good – both characters were likable and really jumped off of the pages as women I wanted to see succeed both professionally and personally. I think that their stories were interesting enough on their own – but the way that they sort of orbiting each other for a while and that “is this going to work” feeling crept in multiple times from both sides (and from me as I was reading it).

Lowell covered a lot of things that women in the art world deal with and are still dealing with today. It was interesting to read and made me mad multiple times wishing I could punch the a-holes in the face that were being crappy to them at their jobs.

Overall, Meet Me in Madrid was one of those stories where it’s two professional women making it work against all odds. I enjoyed it and definitely flew through this audiobook.

Book Description:

Meet Me in Madrid

Charlotte Hilaire has a love-hate relationship with her work as a museum courier. On the one hand, it takes her around the world. On the other, her plan to become a professor is veering dangerously off track.

Yet once in a while, maybe every third trip or so, the job goes delightfully sideways….

When a blizzard strands Charlotte in Spain for a few extra days and she’s left with glorious free time on her hands, the only question is: Dare she invite her grad school crush for an after-dinner drink on a snowy night?

Accomplished, take-no-prisoners art historian Adrianna Coates has built an enviable career since Charlotte saw her last. She’s brilliant. Sophisticated. Impressive as hell and strikingly beautiful.

Hospitable, too, as she absolutely insists Charlotte spend the night on her pullout sofa as the storm rages on.

One night becomes three and three nights become a hot and adventurous long-distance relationship when Charlotte returns to the States. But when Adrianna plots her next career move just as Charlotte finally opens a door in academia, distance may not be the only thing that keeps them apart.


Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell
Narrator: Bianca Drew
Length: 9 hrs and 4 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on January 11th 2022
Format: Audiobook
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