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Sons of War 4: Soldiers by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Tom Abrahams

Sons of War 4: Soldiers by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Tom Abrahams
Narrated by Ray Porter
The Sons of War Series #4
Blackstone Publishing

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Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Ray Porter

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Tom Abrahams comes the fourth installment in the action-packed Sons of War series.

In the conclusion to the sweeping saga of postapocalyptic Los Angeles, Dominic Salvatore leads the Saints, a secret team of elite operatives, in a final push to purge the city of its demons. After sending their families into hiding, the Saints know that the stakes have never been higher—they will succeed decisively or perish.

Broken by the death of his wife, Don Antonio Moretti seeks revenge against her killers. He embarks on a body-strewn campaign to crush his last rivals and secure the crown of Los Angeles. Nephew Vinny Moretti tires of the killings and wonders whether his uncle is going too far.

Every eye is on the prize. And anyone trying to walk the fence between good and evil will have to pick a side. With either choice, hell awaits.

Echoes from the Moon by Nathan Hystad

Echoes from the Moon by Nathan Hystad
Narrated by Jay Snyder
The Token #1
Podium Audio

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The last living astronaut to walk on the Moon has been murdered…

Silas visits his estranged grandfather’s lakehouse in the aftermath of the deadly home invasion. What he discovers hidden below the floorboards triggers a mystery buried since the final trip to the Moon over fifty years earlier.

Rory returns to her family home in Vermont to write her second novel, but fate has a different story in mind. Her reunion is shattered when she’s thrust into danger revolving around the same tokens.

Special Agent Waylen Brooks exposes a covert operation linked to the death of a retired astronaut. He soon finds out he’s not the only one searching for answers and willing to kill for the truth.

The unlikely trio find themselves defying the odds, with no one to trust but each other.

Can they find the tokens before someone else does?

Where do these artifacts lead?

And what secrets should remain hidden?

Echoes From the Moon is a tale of lineage and secrets by Nathan Hystad, the best-selling author of The Other PlaceBelow Us, and Lost Contact.

Past Crimes by Jason Pinter

Past Crimes by Jason Pinter
Narrated by Ellen Quay
Dreamscape Media

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Welcome to Earth+. The year is 2037, and nearly all human interactions have migrated to the virtual world. Now, true-crime fans don’t just listen to podcasts or watch documentaries—they participate in hyper-realistic simulations and hunt for clues to solve the most famous and gruesome crimes in history. Criminal entertainment is a multibillion-dollar industry, and at the forefront is Past Crimes: known by its millions of fans as the Disneyland of Death.

Cassie West licenses crimes for V.I.C.E, spending long hours convincing grieving families to allow her to sell their tragedies to the highest bidder. Life is hard and the cost of living high, but she and her husband Harris have never been happier. After years of trying, Cassie is finally pregnant.

But leaving work late one evening, Cassie starts to worry. Harris isn’t responding to texts or calls. Even worse, dozens of emergency drones seem to be heading in the same direction as she is: straight to their home. What she finds there changes everything. Soon, Cassie finds herself in a fight for survival, becoming a target in both the real and virtual worlds. But it’s not just her own life at stake. If Cassie can’t uncover the truth of what happened to her husband, thousands more may die…

Action-packed, satirical, and beyond compelling, Past Crimes examines our obsession with true crime and how the pain of others has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, while also exploring the sinister possibilities of the virtual world.

One Wrong Move by Dani Pettrey

One Wrong Move by Dani Pettrey
Narrated by Brian Hutchison
Jeopardy Falls #1
Recorded Books

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Taunting riddles. A deadly string of heists. Two broken hearts trapped in a killer’s game.

Christian O’Brady was pulled into a life of crime at a young age by his con artist parents. Now making amends for his corrupt past, he has become one of the country’s foremost security experts. When a string of Southwestern art heists targets one of the galleries Christian secured, he is paired up with a gifted insurance investigator who has her own checkered past.

Andi Forester was a brilliant FBI forensic analyst until one of her colleagues destroyed her career, blaming her for mishandling evidence. She now puts those skills to work investigating insurance fraud, and this latest high-stakes case will test her gift to the limit. Drawn deep into a dangerous game with an opponent bent on revenge, Christian and Andi are in a race against the clock to catch him, but the perpetrator’s game is far from finished, and one wrong move could be the death of them both.

“An intense blend of suspense, love, and faith.”—Booklist

A Song in Her Heart by T.B. Markinson

A Song in Her Heart by T.B. Markinson
Narrated by Lori Prince
Self Published

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Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Lori Prince

In the heart of Nashville, where dreams and secrets collide, two women find themselves entangled in a love story that could shatter their worlds or make them whole.

Hannah Taylor, a rising country music sensation, stands on the brink of superstardom. But beneath the glitz and glamour, she harbors a secret, one that could shatter her carefully crafted image and jeopardize her career. In a city where conformity is key, being a queer woman is a battle she fights every day.

Shelby Montgomery is a small-town nobody, striving to provide a better life for her young son. With dreams deferred and a husband who vanished when the going got tough, Shelby’s life is a constant struggle. Working tirelessly at a local diner, she dreams of a brighter future but knows she needs a stroke of luck to change her life.

Fate takes an unexpected turn when Hannah stumbles into Shelby’s diner, drawn in by the irresistible aroma of Shelby’s famous peach cobbler. What starts as a chance encounter soon evolves into a life-altering proposition: Hannah asks Shelby to become her personal chef on a nationwide tour. It’s an offer that could upend both of their lives, challenging them to confront their fears and desires.

As they crisscross the country, a powerful connection begins to bloom between them. But in a world where secrets can destroy, Hannah and Shelby must confront their deepest fears. Will they risk it all for a love that defies the odds and find the acceptance they both crave?

In this passionate tale of love, music, and self-discovery, Hannah and Shelby must choose between the safety of the shadows and the brilliance of the spotlight. Can their love story become the chart-topping hit they both deserve, or will a secret tear them apart forever?

Once Upon an Algorithm by Clara O’Connor

Once Upon an Algorithm by Clara O’Connor
Narrated by Katherine Fenton
One More Chapter

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A brand new spicy STEM romance for fans of Ali Hazelwood and Sally Thorne!

What do you do when your mortifying Friday night blind date is sitting opposite you at your desk on Monday morning?

A hot blind date in Paris with no strings? Practical Leonie would never do such a thing! But when a new dating app that uses science and logic leads her to gorgeous, so-not-her-type Jack the chemistry is off the charts.

Only, when the morning after proves that opposites definitely don’t attract, Leonie is relieved they never need to see each other again.

Until she starts her new job and there he is, sitting in the boss’s office, the man behind the best and worst night of her life.

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein
Narrated by Emily Spowage
Macmillan Audio

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A steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter.

When grumpy ex-footballer Alfie Harding gets badgered into selling his memoirs, he knows he’s never going to be able to write them. He hates revealing a single thing about himself, is allergic to most emotions, and can’t imagine doing a good job of putting pen to paper.

And so in walks curvy, cheery, cute as heck ghostwriter Mabel Willicker, who knows just how to sunshine and sass her way into getting every little detail out of Alfie. They banter and bicker their way to writing his life story, both of them sure they’ll never be anything other than at odds.

But after their business arrangement is mistaken for a budding romance, the pair have to pretend to be an item for a public who’s ravenous for more of this Cinderella story. Or at least, it feels like it’s pretend—until each slow burn step in their fake relationship sparks a heat neither can control. Now they just have to decide: is this sizzling chemistry just for show? Or something so real it might just give them their fairytale ending?

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin’s Press.

Switched by Sarah Ready

Switched by Sarah Ready
Narrated by Kelsey Navarro Foster, James Anderson Foster
Ghosted #2
Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC

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For Serena Otaki, free-spirited Californian, life is simple. She loves smashing atoms at The Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. She loves Star Trek, spicy tofu, and her cat, Captain Purrk. She loves her messy (slob-fest) apartment, her chaotic brand of organizing, and staying permanently, happily unattached.

Life is perfect. She has one true love—physics.

Loving a man isn’t in her future.

For Henry Joules, uptight Brit, life is simple. He loves making analog black holes, drinking piping hot tea, and organizing his pencil tray. He loves his family, red meat, and obsessively cleaning his spotless apartment.

Life is perfect. He has many loves—physics, family, friends. He can’t wait to find the woman of his dreams.

Love and marriage are in his future.

One perfect night Serena and Henry meet. Sparks fly, particles collide, the universe comes to a halt, and…

It was a mistake.

They’re too different.

It won’t work.

Love isn’t in their future.

Until an electric storm causes an unexpected event at the particle collider and suddenly—they’ve switched.

Serena is in Henry’s body.

Henry is in Serena’s body.

And both life and love are suddenly very, very complicated.

The Temp by Donna Jay

The Temp by Donna Jay
Narrated by Sylvie Taylor
Self Published

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Driven and efficient businesswoman Vivienne Alexander reluctantly finds herself at a speed-dating night after her friend buys her a ticket. It’ll probably be a waste of time anyway, she tells herself. She doesn’t need a relationship to make her whole.

So, when an alluring stranger with bright smiles and a riot of auburn hair predicts Vivienne will be in her bed by the end of the night, she’s not sure which is more surprising: the sheer cockiness or the thrill that shoots through her.

Free-spirited temp Carla Cooke loves living life to the fullest but has decided it’s time to put down some roots. She’s pumped to start her new job working for a finance company until she discovers who she’ll be working for. Who knew the icy woman she’d teased at speed dating would be her temporary boss?

Now sparks and daggers are both flying. How can this possibly end well?

A lesbian age-gap story that puts some extra sizzle into an office romance.

I Hope This Doesn't Find You by Ann Liang

I Hope This Doesn’t Find You by Ann Liang
Narrated by Alice Wen
Scholastic Audio

Sadie Wen is perfect on paper: school captain, valedictorian, and a “pleasure to have in class.” It’s not easy, but she has a trick to keep her model-student smile plastered on her face at all times: she channels all her frustrations into her email drafts. She’d never send them of course—she’d rather die than hurt anyone’s feelings—but it’s a relief to let loose on her power-hungry English teacher or a freeloading classmate taking credit for Sadie’s work.

All her most vehemently worded emails are directed at her infuriating cocaptain, Julius Gong, whose arrogance and competitive streak have irked Sadie since they were kids. “You’re attention starved and self-obsessed and unbearably vain . . . I really hope your comb breaks and you run out of whatever expensive hair products you’ve been using to make your hair appear deceptively soft . . .”

Sadie doesn’t have to hold back in her emails, because nobody will ever read them . . . that is, until they’re accidentally sent out.

Overnight, Sadie’s carefully crafted, conflict-free life is turned upside down. It’s her worst nightmare—now everyone at school knows what she really thinks of them, and they’re not afraid to tell her what they really think of her either. But amidst the chaos, there’s one person growing to appreciate the “real” Sadie—Julius, the only boy she’s sworn to hate . . . .

ASAP by Axie Oh

ASAP by Axie Oh
Narrated by Joy Osmanski

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Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Joy Osmanski

New York Times bestselling author Axie Oh’s ASAP is the much anticipated companion novel to beloved romance XOXO, following fan favorites Sori, the wealthy daughter of a K-pop company owner, and Nathaniel, her K-pop star ex-boyfriend, in a swoon-worthy second chance love story.

Sori has worked her whole life to become a K-pop idol, until she realizes she doesn’t want a life forever in the spotlight. But that’s not actually up to Sori—she’s caught between her exacting mother’s entertainment company and her father’s presidential aspirations. And as the pressure to keep her flawless public image grows, the last person she should be thinking about is her ex-boyfriend.

Nathaniel is off limits—she knows this. A member of one of the biggest K-pop bands in the world and forbidden from dating, he isn’t any more of an option now than he was two years ago. Still, she can’t forget that their whirlwind romance was the last time she remembers being really happy. Or that his family welcomed her into their home when she needed it most. . . .

So when Nathaniel finds himself rocked by scandal, Sori offers him a hideaway with her. And back in close quarters, it’s hard to deny their old feelings. But when Sori gets an opportunity to break free from her parent’s expectations, she will have to decide: Is her future worth sacrificing for a second chance at love?

Rise of the Gladias by Christopher Hopper, J.N. Chaney

Rise of the Gladias by Christopher Hopper, J.N. Chaney
Narrated by Christopher Ryan Grant
Ruins of the Galaxy #9
Podium Audio

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

While light may burn for a moment, the darkness will be there when it dies.

In the aftermath of Moldark’s death and Soldark’s creation, Magnus, Awen, and the rest of the Gladio Umbra must follow the sinister warlord back through the quantum tunnel into metaspace. Questions swirl around the enemy’s ultimate intentions, as do the fates of those bound to serve the malevolent leader.

What awaits the gladias, however, may prove to be more than they can handle. An otherworldly amalgamation of the Paragon’s goals and the Luma’s powers, Soldark gathers his forces for a final showdown against those who would thwart his plans. He summons both the living and the dead, assured that nothing will be able to stop him from having his day of vengeance.

Will the gladias be able to put a stop to Soldark’s relentless rise to power? Or will the galaxy finally fall victim to the greatest destruction ever unleashed on sentient species?

Discover the harrowing end to the critically acclaimed series from Christopher Hopper and USA Today bestselling author J.N. Chaney.

Contains a special note from the authors.

Earth at War, Books 1-3 by Rick Partlow

Earth at War, Books 1-3 by Rick Partlow
Narrated by Scott Aiello
Earth at War #1-3
Aethon Audio

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Dragon Award Finalist Rick Partlow’s Earth at War series is military sci-fi at its finest. Get Books 1-3 in this bundle, packed with nonstop action and seasoned with grade-A military humor. Jump into the story today!

I retired from the USMC, and now I write about space marines.

I never thought I’d actually become one.

As a sci-fi author with a hit TV show, I have a few ideas about what alien invaders are supposed to look like. In my stories, they’re technologically advanced monsters, with tentacles, and no faces.

Turns out I was right about the technology.

And about how angry they’d be.

But the way they look…that’s more terrifying than even I could have imagined.

They look exactly like us.

Because they are us.


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