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End of the Cyber Dragons by C.T. Phipps, Michael Suttkus

End of the Cyber Dragons by C.T. Phipps, Michael Suttkus
Narrated by Catherine Ho
Cyber Dragons #3
Podium Audio

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Revenge is all she has—or is it?

A year has passed since the disastrous Elysium massacre that left Keiko “Kei” Springs traumatized and hungry for revenge against her former mentor, Snake. However, going after the world’s second most powerful man is not as easy as it sounds. Kei must make a series of deadly alliances and navigate the complicated web of politics that will give her a chance to take him down. But will going after him destroy the family she’s managed to build?

Experience the final exciting chapter of the Cyber Dragons trilogy!

Includes a bonus short story, “Old Wounds Never Heal.”

Exit Black by Joe Pitkin

Exit Black by Joe Pitkin
Narrated by Carolina Hoyos
Blackstone Publishing

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Air Force One meets The Martian—with a dash of Knives Out—in this action-packed sci-fi thriller.

Imperium is the most expensive structure ever created. Once an orbiting laboratory, it is now a space hotel for the fantastically wealthy. But as the station preps for its first group of space tourists, Dr. Chloe Bonilla, Imperium’s resident biophysicist, finds herself questioning whether babysitting a passel of space glampers is worth the distraction from her research.

A private rocket delivers a rogues’ gallery of the world’s elite to Imperium: eccentric billionaires, callow tech bros, a sponsored Instagram influencer, and a seemingly saintly philanthropist. However, posing among the staff are members of a global terrorist group who call themselves the Reckoners, hell bent on upending the economic inequality of twenty-first-century Earth—and they have a bone to pick with these scions of the 1 percent.

As the Reckoners take control of Imperium and demand an $8 billion ransom from their wealthy hostages, it’s up to Dr. Bonilla to save them, and fast. Or the captives will be forced to exit the station—and there’s only one way out.

The Rewind Files by Claire Willett

The Rewind Files by Claire Willett
Narrated by Tiffany Gallagher
Axiomatic Publishing

Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

Step into a thrilling time-travel adventure like no other in “The Rewind Files” by the award-winning author Claire Willett. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through the corridors of history, where one woman’s actions could rewrite the fabric of time itself.

In the year 2112, Reggie Bellows is an unassuming agent at the prestigious U.S. Time Travel Bureau, assisting skilled operatives in rectifying pivotal moments in the past. But when Reggie is unexpectedly thrust into the heart of the action, her world turns upside down.

Transported back to the bustling streets of 1970s Washington DC, Reggie’s first mission goes disastrously wrong. In a single misstep, she inadvertently triggers the infamous Watergate scandal, igniting a chain of events that threatens to dismantle the very foundations of history. Trapped in a past that is no longer her own, Reggie finds herself entangled in a web of conspiracies and double-crosses.

As she races against time itself, Reggie must navigate a treacherous landscape of shifting loyalties and unexpected allies. Unsure who to trust and with the fate of time hanging in the balance, she must uncover the truth hidden beneath layers of deception. But Reggie is a rookie, unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead, and every decision she makes could have catastrophic consequences.

“The Rewind Files” is a pulse-pounding page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first chapter. Claire Willet weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of suspense and adventure, blending intricate time-travel mechanics with heart-stopping action. Prepare to be captivated as Reggie’s desperate race to save the fabric of reality hurtles towards a mind-bending climax.

Join Reggie Bellows on her extraordinary journey through time, and discover what it truly means to hold the destiny of the world in your hands. Will she unravel the secrets of the past and set history right, or will her actions irrevocably alter the course of time? The answers lie within the riveting pages of “The Rewind Files.”

We Got the Beat by Jenna Miller

We Got the Beat by Jenna Miller
Narrated by Lindsey Dorcus

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“Charmingly wry and sharply perceptive. An ode to first love, complicated friendships, and the messy joy of rewriting your own story.”—Becky Albertalli, New York Times bestselling author of Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Jordan Elliott is a fat, nerdy lesbian, and the first junior to be named editor in chief of the school newspaper. Okay, that last part hasn’t happened yet, but it will. It’s positive thinking that has gotten Jordan this far. Ever since Mackenzie West, her friend-turned-enemy, humiliated her at the start of freshman year, Jordan has thrown herself into journalism and kept her eyes trained on the future.

So it’s a total blow when Jordan discovers that she not only didn’t get the editor in chief spot, but she’s been assigned the volleyball beat instead. And who is the star and newly crowned captain of the volleyball team? Mackenzie West. But words are Jordan’s weapon, and she has some ideas about how to exact a long-awaited revenge on her nemesis. Then things get murky when forced time together has Mack and Jordan falling back into their friendship, and into something more. And when Mack confesses the real reason she turned on Jordan freshman year, it has Jordan questioning everything—past, present, and future.

If Jordan lets her guard down and Mack in, will she get everything she wants, or will she be humiliated all over again?

The Someday Daughter by Ellen O'Clover

The Someday Daughter by Ellen O’Clover
Narrated by Taylor Meskimen

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Perfect for fans of Rachel Lynn Solomon, Mary H. K. Choi, and Alex Light! From the critically acclaimed author of Seven Percent of Ro Devereux comes another heartrending and nuanced novel about family, love, and the cost of ambition.

“A compelling, beautifully drawn exploration into complicated family and personal relationships and the frailty and fortitude of a girl simply trying to succeed, love, and thrive. I’m proud to live in a book world where Ellen O’Clover is writing contemporary young adult fiction. The Someday Daughter is a forever treasure.” —Laura Taylor Namey, New York Times bestselling author of A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow

Audrey St. Vrain has grown up in the shadow of someone who doesn’t actually exist. Before she was born, her mother, Camilla St. Vrain, wrote the bestselling book Letters to My Someday Daughter, a guide to self-love that advises treating yourself like you would your own hypothetical future daughter. The book made Audrey’s mother a household name, and she built an empire around it.

While the world considers Audrey lucky to have Camilla for a mother, the truth is that Audrey knows a different side of being the someday daughter. Shipped off to boarding school when she was eleven, she feels more like a promotional tool than a member of Camilla’s family. Audrey is determined to create her own identity aside from being Camilla’s daughter, and she’s looking forward to a prestigious summer premed program with her boyfriend before heading to college and finally breaking free from her mother’s world.

But when Camilla asks Audrey to go on tour with her to promote the book’s anniversary, Audrey can’t help but think that this is the last, best chance to figure out how they fit into each other’s lives—not as the someday daughter and someday mother but as themselves, just as they are. What Audrey doesn’t know is that spending the summer with Camilla and her tour staff—including the disarmingly honest, distressingly cute video intern, Silas—will upset everything she’s so carefully planned for her life.

At Her Service by Amy Spalding

At Her Service by Amy Spalding
Narrated by Lori Prince
Out in Hollywood #2
Recorded Books

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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A sweetly sexy, thoroughly modern new novel about single life, social media, career goals, and making the bold move to grab your own happiness—and write your own love story.

Max Van Doren has a wish list, and a great career and a girlfriend are at the top.

But despite being pretty good at her job as an assistant to one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising talent agents, she has no idea how to move up the ladder. And when it comes to her love life, she’s stuck in perpetual lust for an adorably perfect bartender named Sadie. Her goals are clear—and Max has everything but the self-confidence to go for them. Even her mother seems to assume she’ll be crawling home to her childhood bedroom at some point….

When Max’s roommate, Chelsey—an irritatingly gorgeous and self-assured influencer in plus-size and queer spaces—offers to sponsor her for a new self-actualization app, Max gives in. If she can’t run her own life, maybe an algorithm guiding her choices will help? Suddenly Max is scoring big everywhere, and her dreams are achingly close to coming true. But when one of Chelsey’s posts reveals Sadie’s part in the app’s campaign, Max is poised for heartbreak on all fronts.

Tired of the sponcon life with its fake friends and endless selfies, Max realizes that to have true influence, she’ll have to find the courage to make her own, totally authentic way in the world.…

Fresh, feel-good, and endlessly relatable, here is a glorious love story for the digital age and beyond.

“Charming, uplifting…perfect for any reader who has ever dreamed of stepping into their own best life. I want to befriend Amy Spalding’s characters and live in her quirky queer romantic world forever.”—Susie Dumond, author of Queerly Beloved

Reality in Check by Emily Banting

Reality in Check by Emily Banting
Narrated by Angela Dawe
A South Downs Romance #2
Sapphfic Publishing

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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From the multi-award-winning, best-selling author of Broken Beyond Repair comes a new sapphic celebrity ice queen romance — listened to as a standalone or as the second book in the South Downs Romance series.

Sculptor Arte Tremaine is thrown into the hospitality industry when her beloved late grandmother bequeaths her and her sister a charming yet rundown country hotel with zero guests. Arte is determined to make a success of the business, despite her sister snapping at her heels to sell it and painful memories confronting her inside.

Charlotte Beaufort, heiress to a hotel empire, television celebrity, and self-confessed city woman, hits the countryside to film an episode of her reality television show, Hotel SOS, where she immediately clashes with the overwhelmed Arte and her inquisitive Labrador, Rodin.

Arte doesn’t take kindly to Charlotte’s attitude and frank opinions about her hotel, but when they are thrown together, she begins to realise not everything is as it seems with her attractive nemesis. As Arte begins to chip away at Charlotte’s icy exterior, both women begin to realise dreams and reality rarely entwine and that, sometimes, our dreams are not even our own.

Can the artsy dreamer and ambitious heiress face the reality of their situations and discover their true paths? And if so, can those paths lead them toward true love?

Family Is Forever by Rita Potter

Family Is Forever by Rita Potter
Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer
Sapphire Books Publishing

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Thanksgiving is Jaycee Ward’s favorite holiday, at least it was, until her soon-to-be ex-wife turns her away from Thanksgiving dinner. After the humiliating scene outside her in-laws’ home, Jaycee doesn’t want to return to her enormous, empty house.

Single parent Piper Marsden’s plate is full, running a homeless shelter, attending college, and raising two young children. When she’s left to singlehandedly prepare the holiday meal for two hundred fifty hungry shelter patrons, her plate overflows. How is she going to pull it off?

When Jaycee stops by the shelter, she’s whisked into the kitchen. A connection develops between the women as they frantically rush to save Thanksgiving. But will they ever see each other again? And if they do, are they ready to drop their shields?

Spend the holidays with Jaycee and Piper in this heartwarming lesbian romance, where Jaycee discovers the true meaning of family in the unlikeliest of places—a homeless shelter.

Threads of a Needle by DG Zitting

Threads of a Needle by DG Zitting
Narrated by Molly Secours
Windrows Capital Management

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Embark on a captivating journey into a not-so-distant future where the world teeters on the edge of transformation. Meet Hope Valencia, one of the world’s most accomplished PT-SOF agents for the League of Consciousness, as she embarks on a mission that defies the boundaries of time and space. Her adventure commences in the future city of Amsterdam, cloaked in an aura of uncertainty, where a cryptic task awaits her.

In this uncertain future, technology has taken an unexpected turn, controlled by powerful media conglomerates. What was meant to propel humanity’s progress has become a tool of manipulation, ensnaring humanity through the technological programming of belief systems.

At the heart of this turmoil lies a profound discovery made by Hope’s own father, Dr. Gabriel Valencia. He, along with Hope’s mother Ella Valencia, discovered the Trans-Dimensional Probability Threads, a groundbreaking revelation that bridges the chasm between consciousness and the physical world around us. With the invention of Quantum Thought Dynamics-AI Protocol (QTD-AI), the streams of thoughts coursing through the human mind can now be harnessed, digitally rendered, and utilized for experimentation. For the first time in history, science has the ability to digitally read people’s minds, but its implications extend far beyond what the Valencia’s had anticipated.

The invention of QTD-AI provides evidence of a multiverse, where every belief-based choice spawns new realities. At the heart of this discovery lies a powerful equation, B∈E+T=R, a symbol of the infinite choices available to every individual and society as a whole.

Join Hope Valencia as she embarks on a perilous journey, navigating extraordinary challenges that transcend both physical and metaphysical realities. Every step she takes defies the boundaries of our understanding, unraveling the very fabric of reality and unveiling hidden truths and untapped potentials.

As you immerse yourself in Hope’s quest, consider not only the intricacies of her mission but also the profound implications it holds for your own life. Explore the intricate interplay of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions as they weave the tapestry of the world you inhabit. What if the boundaries of your reality were far more malleable than you ever dared to imagine?

Pay-per-Heart by Grace McGinty

Pay-per-Heart by Grace McGinty
Narrated by Brooke Daniels, Grayson Owens
Self Published

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Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited

I moved out to LA to participate in a Graphic Design scholarship that turned out to be fake. That was just my luck. But there was no way I could return home. Not to the already disappointed faces of my parents, who have never believed that ‘fiddling around on your computer’ was an actual career.

Not back to my friends who thought I was insane for breaking up with my long-term boyfriend to move out here in the first place.

Not back to Georgia, full stop.

So when I saw an advert in the creative pages for a graphic design and video editing job with three social media influencers–room and board included–it seemed too good to be true. It had to be a skeezy porn director trawling for new ‘models’, right? But I was desperate and I was willing to try anything.

Turns out, I was half right.

They were social media influencers alright, but for ClickHeart, a subscription service where… well… they got naked. A lot. Sure, sometimes Everett cooked (naked) and Harrison did pottery (naked) but Darwin literally just stroked his ginormous–Well, you get the point. After their previous video editor uploaded their stuff to The Hub without their permission, the guys had decided it was necessary to have their own live-in designer. But they wanted a guy. Not a girl who was deceptively named Blake.

It might have been an accident that they invited me to their place for an interview, but they were the stepping stone I needed to stay in LA and finally achieve my dreams. I just had to get real cool with a lot of things real fast. Should be fine, right?

This Why Choose romance is filled with funny moments, unexpected feels and perfect for those who hate love triangles.

Death in Hilo by Eric Redman

Death in Hilo by Eric Redman
Narrated by Kurt Kanazawa
Kawika Wong Mystery Series #2
Dreamscape Media

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It’s been twelve long years since Detective Kawika Wong was tasked with solving the brutal murder of the infamous real-estate developer Ralph Fortunato—a case that led to more bodies than answers and a slew of complicated and ancient secrets, a case that made his career. Now, the once-rookie detective is next in line to be Honolulu’s next Chief of Police. But all is not well on Oahu or the Big Island.

For weeks, Kawika and his team have failed to catch an elusive serial killer known as the “Slasher.” He strikes quickly and efficiently, and he doesn’t make mistakes. But when a freshly decapitated body is found at a previous dump site, Kawika’s gut tells him something isn’t quite right. Who is this victim, and why does Kawika feel that this one doesn’t belong to the Slasher?

To make matters worse, a hungry young journalist, Zoë Akona, is investigating the questionable outcome Kawika and his then-superior Terry Tanaka produced in the Fortunato case, and her snooping leads to an official review that jeopardizes everything Kawika’s worked so hard for.

But Detective Wong knows that, no matter what, he must find a second murderer even while the “Slasher” continues to strike. The investigation takes him back to the Big Island—and to the long-dormant case the reporter Zoë Akona won’t leave alone. Kawika is about to discover what happens when the secrets of the past catch up with the promises of his future.

Remember the Ruin Series Box Set by A. R. Shaw

Remember the Ruin Series Box Set by A. R. Shaw
Narrated by Brian Callanan
Remember the Ruin #1-3
Self Published

Whispersync Deal with Kindle Purchase
Kindle Edition Currently Available with Kindle Unlimited
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Check out my reviews of other titles narrated by Brian Callanan

The Entire 3 Book Series in One Box Set, Includes:

  • Rebel Blaze #1
  • Wayward State, Book 2
  • Grand Gesture, Book 3

“I’m a firm believer in justice. But as the world around me falls into chaos, justice becomes harder to come by. That’s when I make a decision. I’m taking matters into my own hands.

It starts small. A thug who doesn’t understand the word no. I take him down swiftly and silently. It feels good to see fear in his eyes as he realizes he’s no longer the one in control.

But it’s not enough. I want to make a real difference, to avenge all those who have wronged me in the past. And so, I became a killer…”


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