Night Rain, Tokyo

I Really Enjoyed Every Moment of This

5 out of 5 stars

Night Rain, Tokyo was one of those books that just ate me up. I started it and all of a sudden it was a couple of hours later. Feist has this no-nonsense way of writing that kept me glued to my seat as I knew that every sentence was going to be important. I’m having a hard time describing what kind of story this actually is because it’s a combination of a bunch of different genres. The best part about that is that it doesn’t dive too deep into any of them so if you don’t like political thrillers you won’t feel like it’s too political, or if you don’t like romance novels, it’s not overly romantic.

The story itself really is three different things converging into one, it’s one part family drama, one part political thriller, and one part romance. It’s an interesting combination that works. Feist was able to write a story that jumped off of the page and characters that begged to be liked. I really found myself riveted to my seat throughout, even at the parts that weren’t full of action or suspense.

The narration by Michael Kramer was good, allowing for the different dramatic build-ups and the suspense parts to really come off his tongue in a way that made you feel it. The action scenes were narrated at the right pace and I thought he really added to the story.

Overall, Night Rain, Tokyo was a really enjoyable story that will be on my mind for some time. One that jumped off of the page and into my heart. If you like good stories, pick this one up.

Book Description:

Night Rain, Tokyo

Diplomacy, danger, and desire collide when Brad Oaks pursues an ingenious international trade proposal that would rescue a family steel business and secure a scarce natural resource for the US. Is it a powerful idea or just a pipedream? New to the Washington, DC, lobbying scene, Brad’s pursuit of a solution to this political issue takes him from DC to California to Tokyo as he seeks to thwart an international plot to sabotage America’s infrastructure.

Brad has a plan to ease the bureaucratic red tape that’s derailing the Wishbone Pipeline project that’s so crucial to his client, Elgar Steel. After a close call with a bullet from a sniper’s rifle and the death of the owner of Elgar Steel, Brad is thrown into a tumultuous power struggle that finds him flying off to Tokyo to meet Amaya Mori, a previously unknown heir to the family business.

Brad is powerless to resist this Japanese woman’s sophistication, intellect, and beauty. Just as Brad and Amaya have found each other, the pair finds that they are targets of yakuza criminals who are in league with Iran. This faction is determined to claim the Elgar Steel inheritance and unleash their evil plan against the US. Will Brad be able to save the woman he loves and secure the future of the family business?

Night Rain, Tokyo by John W. Feist
Narrator: Michael Kramer
Length: 8 hrs and 40 mins
Published by Winter Wheat Press on December 24th 2020
Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Political, Romantic Suspense
Format: Audiobook
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