It Felt Real, Such A Great Premise

4.5 out of 5 stars

Off Message (idiom) Departing from an expected or regular theme or issue.”

This book was full of surprises from… no, you didn’t think I was going to start off spoiling this did you? But, be prepared for Fuller to throw everything you thought you knew under the bus and run it over.

Off Message is a political thriller thrown into the mix with a bunch of other genres that I thought was perfectly executed.  It was a great second book and a book that kept the feeling from the first and also didn’t just transition us to the final book.  A lot happened and I would be bummed if I hadn’t read this book. I accidentally started the third book (Audible doesn’t have book number listed early enough) and I ended up spoiling two of the major plot points of book two in the first minute.

In Off Message, Fuller writes a book that feels real.  Throw in all of the madness that is going on now with 2020 coming up and I both wish I had and I’m glad that Ameritocracy doesn’t exist. I’m super interested to see how this plays out and what will happen in book three.

Of course I couldn’t finish this review without commenting on how great the performance of this book was.  Soundbooth Theater with Annie Ellicott in the lead really takes this from a good book to a great one.  Of course, Jeff Hays performs all of the male characters and knocks them out of the park, but Ellicott really does a great job getting the nuances of her characters and really brings them alive.

Book Description:

Off Message (Ameritocracy) #2 by A.C. Fuller (Narrated by Annie Ellicott & Jeff Hays)four-half-stars
Off Message by A.C. Fuller
Narrator: Annie Ellicott, Jeff Hays
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins
Series: Ameritocracy #2
Published by Soundbooth Theater on December 24th 2018
Genres: Political
Format: Audiobook

Mia Rhodes was on the verge of transforming American politics. But when you take on the establishment, the establishment pushes back.

Six months ago, Mia Rhodes was a Seattle office manager, toiling away from nine to five and spending her weekends managing her online political competition, Ameritocracy. Now, that competition is spreading across the American political landscape, making Mia a celebrity and giving Ameritocracy a real shot at upending the two-party system in the 2020 election. But as the final voting draws near, Mia is betrayed by one of the people she trusts most, throwing Ameritocracy into disarray, and possibly ending her dream of changing American politics forever.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Annie Ellicott - narration
Jeff Hays - Peter Colton, Harlon Dixon, and the rest of the male cast
Dalton Lynne - editing and proofing
Griffin Malnar - editing and mastering

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