Operation Brushfire Audiobook Cover (black with an orange drawn eye in the middle)

Operation Brushfire Audiobook Cover (black with an orange drawn eye in the middle)

An Alternate History BLAST!

5 out of 5 stars

I usually have a hard time when a synopsis of a book compares it to other things that I love. But, in the case where that description is dead on… the book is excellent. Just like Operation Brushfire was. I thought “how on earth could Bruno and Wolanyk make a story that combines Man in the High Castle and Blade Runner?” But by god they did it, but they nailed it.

Operation Brushfire threw me right into the action. I wasn’t sure which side was up. I knew who a few characters were and I definitely knew that someone wasn’t okay. The “truth-junkie” Henry was fun to follow, especially as he starts to question things. But even though we meet her in the intro for a few fleeting moments, Anastasia was such a character that I completely understood why Henry was doing the things he was doing.

Operation Brushfire was one of those books I thought would let off the gas a bit as the story finally took hold, but I was wrong. Bruno and Wolanyk jammed the accelerator into the floor and never let up. They kept throwing new things at Henry and I kept thinking “there’s no way he’s getting out of this” –but he would. A few times I was pretty sure I had either the scene or the ending guessed and I was wrong.

I kept hovering between a 4.5 and a 5 just because of the different twists and turns. The ending was not what I expected and I thought for sure if it ended in a way I wasn’t expecting I would give it a 4.5 – but Bruno and Wolanyk surprised me so well that I have to give them the 0.5 stars back. They earned it.

Now, I feel like I can’t say much about Lou Diamond Phillips that hasn’t already been said – but good god is he a great narrator. He absolutely took this already 5-star book to another level and really made it shine. His narration was perfect for this story and I couldn’t have asked for a better narrator.

Book Description:

Operation Brushfire Audiobook Cover (black with an orange drawn eye in the middle)

He’ll do anything for the truth. They’ll do anything to bury it.

Henry Stasik, an Internal Affairs agent for the globe-spanning Coalition, is no stranger to crooked agents or scandals. He’s a truth-junkie. An addict. But when international celebrity Anastasia Danicheva specifically demands his presence at a police station, everything changes. The Coalition, which has brought peace through uniting the world under a single banner, wants her dead. But none of their case against her adds up.

Stasik can’t help but need to know why.

Hours after taking her under his department’s protection, a cybernetically enhanced hitman nips at Stasik’s heels. Witnesses disappear or turn up in pools of blood. And lurking above it all, guarded by a genocidal AI construct, is a secret that threatens to dismantle a perfect world – and Stasik himself.

Man in the High Castle meets Blade Runner with a dash of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in this breakneck science-fiction spy thriller set in a drug-fueled alternate history from the number-one Audible best-selling author of Titanborn, Rhett C. Bruno, and James Wolanyk.

Operation Brushfire by Rhett C. Bruno, James Wolanyk
Narrator: Lou Diamond Phillips
Length: 10 hrs and 55 mins
Published by Podium Audio on September 21st 2021
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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Also by this author: Titanborn, The Collector, The Luna Missile Crisis, Baron Steele


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