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Ripped From The Headlines

5 out of 5 stars

I recently had the opportunity to listen to The Orchid Tattoo by Carla Damron, and I must say, it was quite an unexpected journey. Before I delve into my thoughts, I want to give a heads-up to listeners that this book deals with some heavy themes, centered around human trafficking and all that entails, which may be triggering for some.

This was my first experience with Damron’s work, and I was immediately struck by her writing style and storytelling prowess. From the very beginning, she drew me in with her vivid descriptions and compelling narrative. One of the standout elements for me was her ability to develop characters, not just individually, but their interpersonal struggles along with starting to wind that thread of connection between them. Georgia, the main character, felt incredibly real and flawed, making the story all the more immersive. The things she was dealing with, both in her own head and as a social worker really shaped her as a person.

As the story unfolded, I found myself fascinated by each new character Damron introduced. Whether they were on the side of abuse or safety, each one was complex and multidimensional — they all felt like they belonged in the story at that point (even if you were hoping things would be okay for some of them). I was particularly impressed by how Damron handled the darker elements of the story, alluding to them without delving too deeply into graphic detail. However, I must caution listeners again that the content, including violence and the ages of the characters involved, may be distressing to some.

Without giving too much away, there was a moment in the book that genuinely shocked me. I found myself saying, “Oh god, no way…” as certain revelations came to light. Despite its darkness, “The Orchid Tattoo” was a gripping read that felt ripped from the headlines.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by Damron’s storytelling and will certainly be keeping an eye out for her future works. While this book may not be for everyone due to its intense subject matter, for those willing to delve into its depths, it is a truly compelling read. Add in the great performance by Stacey Lind and you’ve got one of the most interesting audiobooks I’ve read in 2024. Damron’s ability to keep everything interconnected mixed with Lind’s performance made this dark thriller easy to blow through.

Book Description:

Crime fiction that makes a difference: in The Orchid Tattoo, award-winning author Carla Damron delves into the disturbing world of human trafficking.

Social worker Georgia Thayer can balance her own mental illness with the demands of an impossible job. Mostly. But when her sister vanishes in the dead of night, her desperate quest to find Peyton takes her into the tentacles of a human trafficking network – where she encounters a young victim called “Kitten.”

Kitten is determined to escape. She won’t be trapped like the others. She won’t sell her soul like Lillian, victim-turned-madam, feeding the dark appetites of international business moguls and government leaders. But the Estate won’t let her out of its lethal grip, and her attempts at freedom threaten her very life.

Aided by Kitten and, at times, by the voices in her head, Georgia maneuvers to bring down the kingpin of Estate and expose its dark secrets, but her efforts place her-and the few people she allows to get close – in grave danger.

The Orchid Tattoo by Carla Damron
Narrator: Stacey Lind
Length: 10 hrs and 19 mins
Published by Self Published on January 5th 2024
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Format: Audiobook
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