Pale Blue Dot(s) Audiobook Cover

Pale Blue Dot(s) Audiobook Cover

The Performance Is Worth The Cost of Admission

4.5 out of 5 stars

Performed by a full cast: Thérèse Plummer, Megan Tusing, Andrew Eiden, Gabra Zackman, Inés del Castillo, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Adenrele Ojo, Julia Whelan, and Natalie Naudus.

I honestly jumped at the chance to pick Pale Blue Dot(s) up, listen, and review it. Erin Mallon’s been on my list for a while and then I saw the cast of the performance… yup! Sign me up. Of course, then you throw in the premise AND it’s a short story (I love short stories)… I mean you had me at Erin Mallon, I didn’t need to be sold this hard.

Pale Blue Dot(s) is an audio drama performed by a full cast of excellent narrators (I’ve reviewed a book from every narrator except for Gabra Zackman). I’ve listened to almost all of their work and they all shined in this one. Each character was performed by a different narrator and that really gives life to a story like this. It was a fun game for me to pick out who was who since I’ve listened to a lot of them already. But they really helped make a funny and interesting story even better with their performances.

The story itself, which feels weird to be described in the third paragraph of a review – was fun and “easygoing”. Honestly, it felt a little it would have been a spinoff of the Netflix series Space Force. It just feels like “who would send regular humans to space” and that, by far, isn’t the weirdest thing that happens at all.

The back and forth between basically all the characters was where this one really shined. Mallon’s writing style allowed each character to really shine with comedic and tragic moments for almost all of them.

Overall, a really interesting take on the genre. A great audio drama performed by LOTS of professionals I look up to. And an interesting, funny, quirky (I mean any book with the billionaire and a since passed musician making an appearance is bound to be a good time).

Book Description:

Pale Blue Dot(s) Audiobook Cover

Several years in the future, an all-female astronaut team circumnavigates the globe once every 90 minutes aboard the International Space Station, prepared to be a powerful presence in space. When a surprise set of “everyday citizens” tags along for the ride, all protocol flies right out the proverbial…airlock.

After a lifetime of being kept down on the ground, what happens when these women finally rise up and see their lives – and their planet – from high above it all?

by Erin Mallon
Narrator: Therese Plummer, Megan Tusing, Andrew Eiden, Gabra Zackman, Inés del Castillo, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Adenrele Ojo, Julia Whelan, Natalie Naudus
Length: 1 hr and 38 mins
Published by Self Published on February 22nd 2022
Genres: Audio Drama, Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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