Queerleaders Cover

Queerleaders Cover

Made Me Laugh And Stress Out!

4.5 out of 5 stars

I went into this one pretty blind. I read a bit of the synopsis and knew that I wanted to jump into it. It had the feel of the teenage romance movies you grew up with (and at a few points mocks and makes fun of them). But it had an edge to it. A vulnerability and then a self-realization. It was really enjoyable. It obviously has a lot in common with a lot of teen romances but it reminded me a lot of Mean Girls and a little bit of Easy A if I were to try and pin it down (which it is so much more than those films/stories).

At one point I was worried that the author was going full-on typical teen rom-com trope (I won’t spoil specific which one, but anyone who reads it will know which one I’m talking about). But, thankfully there was a pretty funny scene where it’s discussed, even tested, then thrown away quickly.

Queerleaders was one of those stories that I was able to start and finish very quickly, Guel wrote a story that I wanted to know how it ended and a few times gave me exactly what I wanted, while at others they tiptoed right along the edge of “if she does this I’m done!” I found that kept me on my toes and definitely had me enjoying it up until the last few chapters.

Overall, a great coming-of-age story about finding yourself, finding out a lot of other people around you don’t have it figured out, and honestly just an enjoyable story.

Chloe Cannon did a great job voicing Mack to the point where I forgot that Chloe wasn’t actually Mack. That’s a pretty great feat when narrating a book.

Book Description:

Queerleaders Cover

Mack snuck a look over her shoulder at the cheerleaders just as Veronica took her place at the top of the pyramid. Time seemed to slow as Veronica swung her long, blond ponytail over her shoulder, pompoms high in the air…

Mackenzie is used to being different from other kids – and to being bullied for not fitting into the rigid social expectations of her Catholic high school. Luckily, Mack’s best friend Lila has her back so school isn’t the total hell it could be. But it’s pretty damn close.

Until something very mysterious happens – Mack becomes a cheerleader magnet. Even she has a hard time believing it. And Lila is not too happy about her friend’s sudden popularity with the cool kids.

Is Mack being set up for an epic fail? Or is she finally headed for acceptance – and maybe even romance?

Queerleaders by M.B. Guel
Narrator: Chloe Cannon
Length: 4 hrs and 8 mins
Published by Tantor Audio on August 11th 2020
Genres: LesFic/Sapphic Fiction, YA
Format: Audiobook


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