Replacement by Jordan Rivet

Great YA with an Interesting Concept

4.75 out of 5 stars

In Jordan Rivet’s latest YA novel, Replacement, we are introduced to Jane, a leftover clone abandoned at a rundown facility outside Grid City. With a burning desire to uncover the purpose of her creation, Jane seizes an opportunity when a powerful tycoon hires her to replace his son Isaac’s missing best friend, who happens to be from the same clone batch (known as batchmates). However, as Jane immerses herself in Isaac’s elite private school, she soon realizes that her batchmate’s death was no accident, and she may be the next target.

Rivet, known for her captivating Seabound Chronicles series (which I loved), once again delivers a thrilling YA read. Replacement showcases Rivet’s ability to craft a story filled with suspense and intrigue. Replacement immediately drew me in as I was taken along with Jane on her quest for answers. I picked this up because I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk, and when I say that, I was drawn in from the first chapter – I really was. It felt like a combination of The Island (the Michael Bay film about clones) combined with a few other YA stories. It was a bit “tropey” at times, but Rivet pushed past these things into a beautifully written tale about finding out who and why Jane exists.

Jane proves to be an excellent main character, with her initial struggles piquing my curiosity and investing me in her journey. As the plot unfolds, her circumstances undergo drastic changes, and it is a blast to witness her adapt and grow in the face of adversity. Rivet effectively captures Jane’s emotions, allowing readers to empathize with her throughout the story.

The supporting characters in Replacement, including Jane’s best friend(s) before her departure, her new companion Isaac, his family, and her Aunt, add depth and richness to her story. Sometimes allowing her to grow and find out new things, and other times squashing her hopes and dreams. They enhance Jane’s experiences and create a vibrant backdrop against which her story unfolds. Rivet’s skillful execution ensures that these characters complement the protagonist without overshadowing her, resulting in a well-balanced ensemble.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Rivet masterfully weaves a captivating plot with well-developed characters, leaving readers eagerly turning the pages. While the book concludes with a slight cliffhanger, it also manages to tie up several loose ends, providing a satisfying reading experience. I eagerly anticipate delving further into this series and uncovering more secrets alongside Jane in the books to come.

Talon David absolutely nails the character of Jane (and Janey). Her narration almost stole the show. I applaud Rivet for seeking out such a great talent to voice this story (and, hopefully, the Lost Clone series).

Book Description:

Replacement by Jordan Rivet

Kindle Edition currently available with Kindle Unlimited

Jane is a leftover clone. Created for an unknown purpose, then abandoned at a rundown facility outside Grid City, she has a knack for trouble and a burning desire to find out why she was made.

When a powerful tycoon hires her to replace his son Isaac’s best friend, a girl from the same clone batch as her, Jane jumps at the chance to finally get some answers. All she has to do is convince the charming Isaac that his friend is still alive, without getting too close to him. Stepping into someone else’s life isn’t easy, though, even when you have the same genes.

As Jane struggles to survive at Isaac’s elite private school, she discovers the other clone’s death was no accident—and she might be next. She must solve her batchmate’s murder and unravel the mystery of their origins before the killer comes for her too.

Replacement by Jordan Rivet
Narrator: Talon David
Length: 7 hrs and 19 mins
Series: The Lost Clone #1
Published by Self Published on February 16th 2023
Genres: Science Fiction, Technothriller
Format: Audiobook
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