A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale cover

A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale cover

A Cute Winter Tale of Love, Loss, and Forgiveness.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I went into this almost completely blind. I didn’t read any reviews or even read the synopsis. I just wanted to read a really cutesy romance novel since it’s that time of year.  I’m glad I did, almost every twist and turn in this book surprised me. It wasn’t a big “oh my god, can you believe it” kind of book, but there were some plot twists that surprised me.

This book deals with a lot more than just love. It has a lot of mental health and grief sewn into its fabric which makes for a much deeper story than expected.  When we finally hear Emilia’s story it’s heart wrenching and insanely well done.  Emilia as a character in general was something new and different for me.  She was one of those characters that felt real.  I know there are people out there like her but they aren’t written about a lot (since they don’t do much, and therefore don’t usually have a lot to offer the story).  But Radley was able to take someone who’s life is very calm and peaceful and make them interesting and real.  I love that the story revolved around her interesting and wildly different life than Amber’s.

The story itself was cute.  Simple and cute.  Something that I had a breeze reading and something that I’m glad I read.  Sometimes you just need a book that takes your mind off of all the bad in the world.  A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale was that book for me.  A.E. Radley will definitely be an author I add to my list and I’ll be checking out more books from her as well.

Throw in the excellent narration by Janine Cooper-Marshall and you have a book that genuinely surprised me.  A cute winter tale of love, loss, and forgiveness.

Book Description:

A Swedish Christmas Fairy Tale cover

Amber Tate is about to lose her job at a London publishing house. And it’s nearly Christmas. Her boss gives her one last chance. Sadly, it’s the impossible task of obtaining the rights to the popular Lund Collection of fairy tales. The rights to the fairy tales are held by the author’s granddaughter, Emilia Lund, who lives a reclusive life in Sweden and has steadfastly refused to talk to anyone about the rights for the last several years.

However, in order to convince her one and only friend that she can be sociable, Emilia agrees to invite Amber – under strict conditions – to the cozy setting of wintry Sweden. They both agree to this vital meeting for their own separate reasons. Except…things never pan out quite as planned, do they?

by A.E. Radley, Amanda Radley
Narrator: Janine Cooper-Marshall
Published by Heartsome Publishing Genres: Romance
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: The Road Ahead


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