The Tie That Binds Audiobook Cover

The Tie That Blinds Audiobook Cover

Gory, Gritty, and Good

4.5 out of 5 stars

I think that one of the things that you get from not only this book, but the Misadventure Memoirs is a gritty, realistic, and brutal understanding of the psychological things that a lot of authors shy away from. Sure, I’ve read some messed up books about some messed up characters, but each book in this series seems to deliver on that same aspect/feeling.

Now, I don’t seek out books like this, but when I find them and enjoy them like I have this book and series – it’s just a nice bonus. Boy and Carod really do a great job of bringing out the “evil” without making me feel like I’m reading something dirty.

I think there were some scenes in this story that if I’d been watching it – I would have turned it off, but I can somehow dull them down a bit in my brain. Now, I say this as someone who isn’t a big gore and guts person. If you ARE a fan of stuff like that then look no further. These books have delivered on them from the start.

This third book really upped the ante here and was probably the most intense and most interesting book of the lot. I wasn’t sure where the authors would go with this one, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, as with the other two books, this one was great. Helped by great narration – this one really came to life (until I got to the parts where I couldn’t “watch”). Tsujioka was great again and I’m so glad I checked out this series.

Book Description:

The Tie That Binds Audiobook Cover

The Tie That Blinds, the exciting, suspenseful third installment of Misadventures Memoirs, takes up where The Tiger’s Tears left off.

Though not a trace of Dale Mathis has been found since the Learjet he was on crashed into the sea, Sofia Hernández and her family haven’t given up hope he is alive and will be found.

Many notable figures are on the run because of the information the tiger USB revealed. Former cohorts of the evil, sadistic Senator Rafael Medina are desperately fleeing not only the long arm of the law, but also the country’s criminal element who have suffered greatly because of their ill-advised vendetta against Chief Ricardo and the Hernández family. Yet, while most have wisely abandoned this vengeful undertaking, a handful of determined characters seem hell-bent on finishing the job.

Surprisingly, the tiger USB did not disclose all of its secrets. Still hidden within is vital information with the potential to easily destroy individuals far more important than the Senator ever was. For those most threatened by its secrets, time is running out to locate the troublesome device before their world of evil comes crashing down.

The Tie That Blinds by Al E. Boy, F. Carod
Narrator: Pam Tsujioka
Length: 12 hrs and 47 mins
Series: Misadventures Memoirs #3
Published by Self Published on December 20th 2021
Genres: Horror, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
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